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Certificate Programs: Two Tiers, More Access

After quite some time and reflection with the board, we’re revamping our Master Restoration Certificate Program. We’ve had success with this program, but aspire to provide access and an inviting experience to more interested students. Therefore, we are creating a Foundations of Restoration Certificate which will require 80 hours of work and courses as well as maintaining our Master Certification… Read more »

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The Master Restoration Certificate

We are extremely excited to announce that our pilot Master Restoration Certificate (MRC) program is nearing launch. We will be partnering up with some of the most well established training programs in order to provide boundless field-based expertise and breadth to our certificate program. 2014 will be the time to join us and help create… Read more »

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Restoration Training Needs and the Future

We’ve heard quite a few discussions like this one from Linked In which mentions needs for additional training and experience AFTER a 4-year (or even 8-year) degree.