Reporting and documentation is an important part of the restoration process that is often not given due attention.  Since we assign success criteria to each project, documentation is extremely important since it allows us to determine if we’ve met specific project goals.

Additionally, Golden Hour strives to produce a written component of the project-course materials to allow for visual learners to have access to some of the verbal material.  We hope our publications travel far and wide so they can be used as models for additional site-specific information in other restoration projects.  Below are some of our publications divided into a few categories: general restoration planning, project-specific restoration, and Golden Hour communications. We ask that you do let us know if you’re using these materials so we can catalog their use, additionally we might be able to customize them for your specific project/need.


Restoration Planning and Design

SWOT Analysis Technique for Assessing Restoration Projects

Seed Collection Protocol and Best Management Practices

Bay Area Restoration I: Course

SURE Restoration Concepts Overview: Intended for Younger Audiences

Identifying Native California Plants

Fern Restoration and In-situ Propagation


Dec2012_GH-GarberProject-Specific Restoration Communications

Mission Blue Crew – San Francisco Parks and Recreation-Natural Areas Program/USFWS partnership program (2016 Annual Report)

Garber Park Stewards/Claremont Canyon Conservancy annual restoration series

Restoration Design on a Mountain Summit: Mt. Uhumnum Summit Vegetation Restoration Plan

Pier 94 Restoration Techniques with Golden Gate Audubon

The Resources of Point Molate

creek monitoringGolden Hour Restoration Institute Communications and Organizational Docs

Mission – Vision – Goals Statement for Golden Hour Restoration Institute

Volunteer/Participant/Student Release Form

Letter of Support for Weed Management Areas in California




Pertinent Conservation Publications

Guidebook to the Botanical Priority Protection Areas of the East Bay – by Bartosh, Naumovich, and Baker: An East Bay CNPS publication

Checklist of the Flora of Vascular Plants of the East Bay, Ertter and Naumovich