Eyes on Richmond and Point Molate: Will they do the right thing?

There exist a few magical secrets as incredible as Point Molate among the trillions of cubic yards of concrete of our heavily developed Bay Area urban areas.  Unfortunately, one developer has continued to push his personal agenda on Point Molate. Wetlands, osprey, coastal prairie, willow forests, and rare plants all abound in this coastal resource… Read more »

Announcing the 2018 Foundations in Restoration Course

We are excited to announce our 2018 Foundations in Restoration Course. We had an absolutely dynamo class in 2017 who in addition to completing the classroom time, also contributed over 150 volunteer hours at local projects. We covered rare butterflies, wetlands, pond turtles, soils, grant-writing, permits and much more over the course of our classroom… Read more »

Announcing the Richmond Ecological Restoration Instructional Program – RERIP

  We’re very excited to announce the Richmond Ecological Restoration Instructional Program (RERIP) for 2018! This program has been created with essential funding from the RICHMOND ENVIRONMENTAL & COMMUNITY INVESTMENT AGREEMENT (ECIA) COMMUNITY GRANT PROGRAM. This is a 7 week program that will cover some of the most essential field methods and information for ecologists… Read more »

Thankful hikes in Garber Park

As Thanksgiving for 2017 comes to a close, we at Golden Hour have much to be thankful for. Number one on our list is our volunteers and supporters. Almost every day, we step back and are thankful that all three of us at Golden Hour (Lech, Kate and Wyllie) are working a dream job, helping restore… Read more »

The California Native Plant Society Conservation Conference – Submit an Abstract – Register!

We’re honored to be participating in the 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference which will be located in Los Angeles this time. Lech Naumovich, our Executive Director, will be co-chairing the Restoration Sessions. Please consider sharing your experiences, research and conservation/restoration-based work! Hurry abstracts close on July 31st! Call for Abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentations California… Read more »

The Presidio Clarkia of 2017

Every year is a unique year for our federally endangered annual forb: Clarkia franciscana. Although there has been much research on this plant over the years, each year seems to always bring new surprises. This year the annual grasses germinated with warm, early rains of October. This was notable since those guilds tend to germinate earlier, with… Read more »

Program Assistant Intern Announcement

Interested in joining us as a program assistant? We have an internship we’re offering for a motivated, attention-detailed, multi-talented person. You are guaranteed to work with federally and state listed plants and animals, restoration plans, grant-writing and more. This is an ideal position for someone looking to enter the field and learn about various aspects… Read more »

The Foundations in Restoration Course is now accepting applications

Dear Friends and Partners, We want to make restoration ecology accessible to all who are interested and dedicated to on-the-ground conservation and restoration work. We’ve assembled 10 weeks of  course that will bridge anyone of biological inclination into an informed budding restoration ecologists with courses taught by some of the Bay Area’s best and brightest educators… Read more »

Butterflies, GIS and Ferns in January

Happy New Year and thank you all for your kind donations to help keep our organization thriving! We are happy to get going outdoors once this wonderful rain subsides. Here are 3 great opportunities to consider. Please contact us at workshops@goldenhour.org with any questions: a. On January 14th we’ll be out at Twin Peaks restoring… Read more »

Happy Holidays and Thank You for a Great 2016

As the calendar year draws to a close, winter finally feels present here in the Bay Area (yes, it does get cold here in California at least a few days a year). As we recount great workshops with new friends and old ones as well, we say thank you for your support and interest. We… Read more »

  • Mapping Harwood Creek – the dirty way!

    Lech Naumovich of Golden Hour Restoration Institute will conduct a special CITIZEN SCIENCE Workshop sponsored by the Garber Park Stewards.  This will accomplish the first ever super transect of Garber Park, from the top of the park down to Claremont Avenue, following Harwood Creek.  Lech will utilize a scientific method (point intercept) to record vegetation… Read more »

  • The Role of Management in Climate Change Scenarios

     A recent publication by Wiens et al. from Biological Conservation asks (and answers) the important question of “what happens to protected areas in 2070 when climate shifts”.   Climate change affects current protected areas, but where will that impact be so extreme wherein current “climate spaces” disappear and “novel” or new habitat areas will… Read more »

  • Passive Restoration and Seed Collection Workshop a Success – and – a bioagent for Cape Ivy control?!

      Bob collecting blue wild rye seed We had another enormously successful seed collection and passive restoration workshop on August 20th, 2011.  The workshop was sponsored by the Garber Park Stewards and their blog fills you in nicely to some of the fine details of the outing.  Here’s a PDF of the handout we offered… Read more »

  • August 20th Seed Collection and Passive Restoration Workshop – Garber Park

    On August 20th, Golden Hour Restoration Institute will be leading a half-day workshop on seed collection and passive restoration at Garber Park, located in Claremont Canyon, Oakland, CA.  We are leading a second seed collection workshop since the first one was such a big success.  We will talk about some new species for restoration –… Read more »

  • Golden Hour scores an ESRI grant

    Golden Hour Restoration Institute has been awarded an ESRI grant from the Non-Profit program.  This grant will fund the ARCInfo suite of software from ESRI – an extremely powerful group of programs that help bring conservation work to life in 2D and 3D spatial formats. Here’s an excerpted output of a GIS map (on parcelization… Read more »

  • Workshops in Garber Park with the Garber Park Stewards

      We are very pleased to announce that Golden Hour Restoration Institute will be collaborating with the Garber Park Stewards on 6 site-specific conservation and restoration based workshops! Funding was provided by the Stewards and we couldn’t be happier to be working alongside this motivated and inspiring bunch. The workshops will cover seed collection, conservation-minded photography, vegetation identification… Read more »

  • Restoration and Fire Safety – Clarkia Franciscana in Oakland

    We had a simply fantastic evening workshop at the Chadbourne Serpentine strip on July 12th, 2011.  A total of seven volunteers showed up to spare their time to help maintain critical occupied habitat of Presidio Clarkia (Clarkia franciscana).  The workshop attendees got to hear about Clarkia habitat and ecology as well as see the plant… Read more »

  • Restoring Presidio Clarkia habitat in Oakland

    Golden Hour Restoration Institute will be leading a workshop with interested neighbors and friends in Oakland, CA.  On July 12th at 4pm we will be talking about serpentine habitat, fuels management for endangered species, and the biology of Presidio Clarkia (Clarkia franciscana).  We will help manage a site with this rare plant that is currently… Read more »

  • Garber Park Seed Collection Workshop A Success

    Tuesday’s workshop which was aimed at teaching the basics of responsible and effective seed collection was a success.  Participants learned about collection techniques, identifying seed maturity, and proper storage.  Three plants offered viable seed for collection: giant vetch (Vicia nigricans var. gigantea), cow parsnip (Heracleum maximum), and thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus).  We inspected a few seeds with… Read more »

  • Garber Park Seed Collection and Passive Restoration Workshop

    Today Golden Hour Restoration Institute is leading a half-day workshop on seed collection and passive restoration at Garber Park, located in Claremont Canyon, Oakland, CA. Please join us at 11 am for this free workshop. Here’s the announcement from our sponsor, Garber Park Stewards: GARBER PARK SPECIAL EVENT–TUESDAY JUNE 21 – 10 AM to 1… Read more »