Golden Hour Restoration Institute is a gateway for learning about the conservation and restoration of nature in a fostering, inspiring, experiential manner. Our mission is to provide engaging science-based instruction and project leadership in order to conserve and restore native species and habitats. Our strategy is to bring small groups of people into the outdoors and complete projects with professional instruction seeded in sound science.

Our organization embraces the principle of “education through action”. Our projects educate people about the science and art of the rapidly evolving field of restoration ecology. Each course focuses on the principles and theories behind renewing our natural landscapes, complemented by engaging in the physical act of carrying out the restoration work.

Fern Glade before-after from Apr2014We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of motivated individuals looking to share our vision with students, professionals, outdoor types, and conservationists alike. Our courses are catered for a wide variety of audiences, including local citizen groups, universities, governmental and non-governmental environmental groups, and corporations looking to create high quality volunteer work days. Field-based courses focus on professional training by practitioners, researchers, and conservationists – specifically catered to the participants knowledge and skill level. Please contact us if you have an idea and an interested group so that we can see if Golden Hour is a good fit for your project. Please join us in becoming knowledgeable stewards of our landscape.

Are you interested in workshops, speakers and different events pertaining to restoration? We have a small but active community that connects in person and if you’d like to know more about where to join us please sign up for the email list below. Thanks for your time and dedication to the earth.

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Please help Golden Hour provide low-cost to zero-cost programs for those groups who have a limited ability to pay with a tax-deductible donation.

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Golden Hour Restoration Institute – 2150 Allston Way Suite 320 – Berkeley Ca 94704


phone: 510-495-5885