There exist a few magical secrets as incredible as Point Molate among the trillions of cubic yards of concrete of our heavily developed Bay Area urban areas.  Unfortunately, one developer has continued to push his personal agenda on Point Molate. Wetlands, osprey, coastal prairie, willow forests, and rare plants all abound in this coastal resource with stunning views of the western Bay Area. And maybe most importantly, we’ve watched this place recover naturally in just the short time it’s been decommissioned as a Naval Fuel Depot.  Conservation should direct focus on “restorable” lands. Point Molate is one of those, even with buried drums of fuel, eucalyptus groves and paved-over wetlands.

Here’s the letter we sent (below): let’s protect democracy and natural resources and say no to closed door negotiations over the public legacy.

Here’s our letter below. Please click this PDF to get our full publication.

February 20, 2018

RE: Letter to Richmond City Council regarding our Point Molate

Dear City of Richmond City Councilmembers,

I write you this letter to let you know that Point Molate is an incredible resource that deserves a community-driven development process which will emphasize inclusion, natural resources, and community needs. As I’ve been more and more involved with this amazing piece of land and the thousands of people who have helped conserve, restore and save this hallowed earth, it has become more and more clear that this land represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This opportunity should not be spoiled by closed-door meetings which are not transparent to the public and the greater community who will help create a better, more inclusive plan.

Point Molate is not the same place represented by the 2011 EIR that was approved.

Point Molate is different culturally, biologically, and politically. It is richer and more important than was ever represented in formal environmental review documents. We urge you to take a moment to read and learn about this site in the attached pages. We firmly believe this site should not be subject to the whim backdoor deals and threats of litigation, but rather open, rational discussion with an informed public.


Lech Naumovich, Executive Director

Golden Hour Restoration Institute

Written by GoldenHour