As the calendar year draws to a close, winter finally feels present here in the Bay Area (yes, it does get cold here in California at least a few days a year). As we recount great workshops with new friends and old ones as well, we say thank you for your support and interest. We wouldn’t be here without the restoration community and many of our sponsors and project partners – please page through our short annual report to see who they are: 2016 Golden Hour Annual Report.

As 2016 comes to a close, we’re excitedly looking towards 2017. We have lots in store and we hope you’ll spend some time with us as we continue our work. A few items of interest:

  • We will be hosting a regular restoration speaker series. Speakers will talk about theories, techniques and new technologies in restoration and conservation science. Seating will be limited and require an RSVP to ensure that we can keep our settings intimate and conversation-friendly. This speaker series will be part of our Foundations in Restoration Certificate. Interested? Sign up at the bottom of the page with your email.
  • We have new partnerships that we’re developing which will continue our work in some outstanding geographical areas: the Santa Cruz Mountains, San Mateo County, Lake Tahoe, and who knows where else. We’ll be posting about our projects here on the blog and on our facebook page.
  • Our Foundations in Restoration Certificate program will kick off this year!
  • We are planning on offering at least one restoration associate internship position to allow for someone to get in-depth field and office experience.
  • We are designing something exciting that you, as an inquisitive, educated land steward should BARK about … more to come on this first-of-it’s kind on-line manual of information, experience, and story-telling.
  • And more… we’re not always sure what the future will hold, but we do hope you can join us for a talk, experience a workshop, or donate to help our non-profit grow.

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Written by GoldenHour