It’s an honor to be presenting at East Bay Regional Park District’s Stewardship seminar. We will present our work on the Serpentine Prairie in Redwood Park, which encompasses many years of data (7) including the tireless foundation work completed by Creekside Science.

Our presentation focuses on the recovery, or restoration of a serpentine grassland prairie that was degrading due to succession and invasion. Along with the encouraging results of pure tree removal, we will present results on the efficacy of mowing and it’s potential impact on a federally endangered forb, Clarkia franciscana, that is limited to this area and one other population in the Presidio. A 2 page exectuive summary of the work can be download as a PDF here: Serpentine Prairie Restoration 2016: Exec Summary.


Presidio Clarkia in flower at the Serpentine Prairie

Written by GoldenHour