Panoramic by Josh

Panoramic view of the Serpentine Prairie by Josh B

Golden Hour Restoration Institute helped host an extremely successful rare plant habitat restoration and seed collection volunteer workshop was conducted at the East Bay Park District’s Serpentine Prairie. We were overwhelmed by the positive response for this workshop and ended up with 10 volunteers and 3 park staff attending the workday. We set a few records today for collection success and volunteer collection skills! In addition, we had EBRPD staff talk about their work and involvement in this project as it continues for it’s 10th year since the idea of restoring the Serpentine Prairie was first mentioned.


Our workshop covered the restoration work completed, why we were translocating seeds, Presidio Clarkia (Clarkia franciscana) life history, and then we collected and sowed the collected seeds. We estimate that approximately 8,600 seeds were collected and relocated to two locations at the Prairie. Here’s the handout we offered as a companion to the verbal workshop material we covered.


In addition to collection of our endangered forb, Presidio Clarkia, we also investigated other fruits including Golden drops (Calochortus luteus).


Calochortus fruit and seed

We utilized the time-tested “white frisbee” in order to tally seeds and estimate the collection for the day. Presidio Clarkia seeds are extremely small and lightweight which makes their careful handling important.


The time-tested frisbee for seed collection.