After quite some time and reflection with the board, we’re revamping our Master Restoration Certificate Program. We’ve had success with this program, but aspire to provide access and an inviting experience to more interested students. Therefore, we are creating a Foundations of Restoration Certificate which will require 80 hours of work and courses as well as maintaining our Master Certification at 400 hours. The Restoration “family” of certificates will now entail two tiers of learning allowing for different levels of time commitment to make this program.


MRC fellows teaching about monitoring at a workshop in Garber Park, Oakland, CA.

We hope this will make the program more accessible and allow for students to cater the program to their busy lives. It will also allow students to ramp up with the basic course in order to see if they can complete the Master Course. Let us know if you might know someone interested in this, or if you’re interested in volunteering for our Science Advisory Board for the MRC.

More to come including applications for the Fall of 2016. Please stay tuned for more information.

Here’s our 2016-2017 Master Restoration Certificate Program brochure. The Foundations Certificate program is still under construction.

GH fern workshop-9502

Fern transplant candidate from 2016 workshop.

Written by GoldenHour