Please tune into KPFA [94.1] this Friday at 2pm to hear an interview on Terra Verde regarding the recent clandestine proposal to develop one of the Bay Area’s most important unprotected conservation areas: Point Molate. Host Michelle Chan will be leading a discussion with Pam Stello of Citizens for a Sustainable Point Molate and Lech Naumovich of Golden Hour Restoration Institute. The discussion will surely meander through topics such as development, resource conservation, and environmental justice. The following proposal, which the developer has discussed in closed sessions with the City Council will forever change Richmond’s Point Molate area.

proposed development plan - Point Molate 7-2016

PDF: MAP_FOR_PROPOSED_USE Point Molate – July 2016

Help spread the word about the amazing Richmond Headlands that few know about. Resources include: eelgrass beds, the second largest osprey nest site in the Bay, home to the largest herring run on the West Coast (PM is a part of the larger Bay spawning area), state-listed rare plants such as Suisun Marsh Aster, rare vegetation communities such as coastal prairie and coastal wetlands, and much more.

point molate seagrass beds

Point Molate eelgrass beds are identified as some of the most important in the Bay Area. These beds provide critical resources for fish, sea birds, diving ducks and humans alike. They are threatened by development of this area.

Here is an executive summary to our proposal to create a comprehensive resources-first conservation plan for the Point Molate area. We have currently raised 33% of the money needed for this document and hope we can get funded by the end of the summer with a combination of donations and grants. Your donation can be specifically ear-marked for this project if you donate here and place “Point Molate” in the special instructions line:

Osprey abound at Point Molate, a bird nearly destroyed by DDT along with the bald eagle. Photo: USFWS

Osprey abound at Point Molate, a bird nearly destroyed by DDT along with the bald eagle. Photo: USFWS

Written by GoldenHour