For the second year now, Golden Hour has been working with the East Bay Regional Park District on grass identification, grassland conservation and stewardship. We helped supply the education resources and EBRPD had the land! With that we successfully helped train park staff on the differences between say Bromus and Stipa, poked ourselves with lemma and glume awns alike, and talked about mowing, cows, fire and everything germane to helping conserve and manage grasslands. Thank you EBRPD and especially Denise Defreese for organizing this series!

Here’s a link to a (hopefully very user friendly) key of grasses found at EBRPD’s Serpentine Prairie for those who have completed this course:Key to grasses of the Serpentine Prairie v2-0 – Golden Hour – Lech Naumovich

A special thanks to the Jepson Herbarium/University of California Regents for allowing the use of their diagrams from the Jepson Manual.

Written by GoldenHour