We are very excited to announce that Golden Hour Restoration Institute is in its 3rd year of partnering with the San Francisco Rec and Parks Department and US Fish and Wildlife Service on an exciting project that will help restore federally threatened Mission Blue butterfly (Icaricia icarioides missionensis) habitat.  We have created a management program from years of research and stewardship projects which have allowed us to better understand how the butterfly can survive successfully in a constrained urban habitat. We will talk about restoration and habitat throughout the workdays.
Golden Hour MBB crew on Sept2014
When are the workdays: Second Saturday’s of most months (e.g. Aug. 8, Sept. 12) 9:30am to 12:30pm
Where are the workdays: On Twin Peaks, in the Mission Flats area, atop of San Francisco – we recommend taking transit, walking, or riding up to get your day started!
What are we doing: We will take on a number of different tasks critical for enhancing and restoring Mission Blue habitat. This will involve laborMBB Golden Hour 3-2014-1040365 stewarding the habitat like weed control, scrub management, planting nectar and host plants, watering plants in drought, seed collection, and more!
We are asking for a 6 day commitment over the course of one year so we can train and retain volunteers who will be knowledgeable about working in this fragile habitat. We need detail oriented people who care offer 3 hours a month. Please RSVP to lech – at- goldenhour.org if you are interested – space is limited as we want to keep this program small and successful! 

Who’s coming: This workshop series will bring a diverse set of people together who all have similar interests in learning about habitat restoration, volunteering in the City, and enjoying being outdoors. No special training is required, just a good attitude. I’ll send specific information to committed persons.
What do volunteers get out of it: Training, a sense of helping restore habitat, good times with new (or old) friends, bad jokes by biologists, snacks (although we ask people bring their own water bottles – no need to waste plastic), and a special custom designed Tee for those who complete the 6 workday minimum. Here’s a sample workshop handout on planting strategies.
Get more info on the stewardship and restoration work for the butterfly:

Written by GoldenHour