CNPS 2015 conference logoThe 2015 CNPS conservation conference will be happening in San Jose from January 15 through the 17th. This conference only occurs once every three years, and its truly a wonderful event for all. I’ve been fortunate to serve as a conference steering committee member, session co-chair, workshop presenter and helped in various capacities as an organizer and presenter. This is truly a remarkable event and I encourage you to come down even for a day to celebrate, learn about, and enjoy our fantastic vegetation resources.

Transplanting trials for fountain thistle (Cirsium fontinale v. fontinale)

Transplanting trials for fountain thistle (Cirsium fontinale v. fontinale)

You will join over 1,000 conservation and native plant enthusiasts in San Jose. Attendees include scientists, conservationists, CNPS chapters, university professors and students, policymakers, professional and amateur botanists, landscaping professionals, and land-use planners from California and beyond. Speakers include reserachers, volunteers, enthuasists, students, and notable conservation professionals like Michael Soule and Jared Farmer. The preliminary program is posted online at:

General conference information here:

I’ll be teaching a preconference workshop on streamlined restoration and habitat monitoring. This should be lots of fun and offer very useful techniques for scientists and citizens interested in how to simplify monitoring and make results work for you. This workshop will provide a background on plant monitoring technique and theory and we’ll also be in the field demonstrating some of the techniques and allowing participants to see how quickly we can process results. There will also be information on using existing technology/websites to make data recording and monitoring streamlined. More below.

Streamlined Restoration and Habitat monitoring methods with a focus on citizen science
One-day Workshop: Wed, 14, 8:30 am -4:30 pm, all off-site Instructor: Lech NaumovichAudience: This workshop is specifically created for project managers and interested stewards with some knowledge of restoration. Basically we try and answer the question: how do I get quick quantitative measurements of project success.Description: Methods presented are intended to be accessible to all who desire quantitative measurements of natural resources. We will present point intercept methods, photo monitoring, plotless methods and other simple techniques to allow for efficient data collection. These techniques can be used to measure rare plants, weeds, or habitat characteristics.  We will also demonstrate data collection with these monitoring methods with smart phones and tablets.

Field trip Plan to be outside all day long. Location to be decided. We will carpool to site(s) from hotel.

One-Day workshop Registered Not Registered for conference
CNPS Members $115 $155
Non Members $160 $200

Lech Naumovich is the Executive Director of the Golden Hour Restoration Institute which focuses on field-based training workshops that serve the goal of habitat restoration and stewardship. Lech is a botanist and ecologist by training with 11 years experience in California. He has worked with a variety of non profits, community groups and government agencies on land stewardship and restoration.


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