The Unvouchereds

We have compiled a list of 119 plant taxa from Alameda and Contra Costa Counties (East Bay), California which need to be vouchered. Data was extracted from Ertter and Naumovich’s 2013 Annotated Checklist of the Flora of the East Bay. All plants presented in this list are from the “main list” of the Flora. Note: codes and abbreviations are not reproduced from the original checklist.

We hope this list will help inspire botanical exploration of the East Bay. 

If you’ve never collected, please team up with someone with experience and proper permits to ensure your collection is correctly (and legally) documented.

Written by GoldenHour


Sally Meeks

Not sure if this applies, but I have what I believe to be dichondra that showed up recently in some of my garden space–if that is something you are interested in collecting, please feel free to contact me about it–I live in the Richmond hills

Golden Hour

Thanks Sally, In this case I recommend only collecting specimens from the wild.


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