point molate grasslands lechphotoPoint Molate is an intriguing landscape. In one direction, pristine native coastal grasslands surrounded by patches of native coast scrub. In other areas, dense, decadent eucalpytus forest towers over a seemingly monocultural understory of French broom. In other areas – 99% French Broom cover from soil to sky.

This area is of particular interest to Golden Hour because it’s extant resources and potential for restoration are unique for non-serpentine habitats. In fact, this is one of the few sites we expect will respond to restoration quickly due to its coastal climate influences, intact native flora, and intact native fauna. Point Molate is ripe for restoration. 

PointMolateGrazing-sensitive areas map smallBut, it will take many baby steps to begin to understand how this system will respond to various stewardship practices. Grazing management through goats has been proposed and we responded with the following best management practices which we believe will help retain resource value while reducing weedy cover. We have our concerns, but we hope this process will lead to more such restoration work which is well planned.

The following letter on Grazing at Point Molate is cowritten with former California Native Grasslands Association President Jim Hanson. We look forward to restoring critical habitat on Point Molate.


Written by GoldenHour

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