Coast live oak forests will likely expand in the East Bay hills with this FEMA proposed treatment.

Coast live oak forests are undergoing massive impacts from Sudden Oak Death. These conditions are important for any project proposals in and around oak woodland habitat.

This past week, I was honored to present on my 15 years of experience in the conservation world. My experiences draw from restoration work, to research, to CEQA compliance, to mitigation banks and beyond. I’ve seen the good, but I’ve also witnessed the bad and ugly. With about 20 CDFW staff, we created a round-robin environment wherein agency staff presented difficulties and success stories alike around their diverse projects. Often, they are required to have a vast ranging set of skills and knowledge from the plant on up to the  ecosystem level.  We talked about everything from oaks to native vs. naturalized vegetation to annual grasses and more. 

Here’s a brief document I put together which references some of the ideas and themes which I think can make for more effective conservation and restoration: An expanded toolbox for restoration – stewardship – revegetation in a CDFW framework by Golden Hour Restoration Institute

I was honored to be among the regulators who have a very, very difficult and often thankless job in enforcing the letter of the law. Thank you California Department of Fish and Wildlife for all you do.



Written by GoldenHour

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