This is the 43rd annual Earth Day we’ve celebrated in the US. And it goes without saying, this is Golden Hour’s favorite holiday. The engagement of people with the earth and all things green and dirty is always good. Castilleja with Castilleja and lupines Henry Coe-5321 And in the end, as I sit long and hard and think about this day, there’s a wonderfully curious thing about it… that it took so many years to call something by such a name. Did we just take it for granted?  Yes, human’s have celebrated solstices and harvests and full moons for eons, but it never took on the name of “Mother Nature”. It was always more cryptic – an element of Mother Nature, a process of the earth, etc. Funny huh, it took until the 1970’s to create this “celebration day”. Well, we’re glad it’s here now.

And on this wonderful day, we wanted to thank Bingham McCutchen for awarding us an ELNUR donation on Earth Day for our environmental work. Their donation will help fund programs with low or no budget. Liz Rumsey, one of our board members, helped nominate us, and we were selected from a host of impressive organizations.

Also, Golden Hour has been invited to join the Bay Area Open Space Council as a member organization. In fact, we’re actually the first “Supporter” organization who take on a critical role of “organizations who provide services to, connect people to, advocate for and otherwise support the protection of land.”  We are happy to join this immense family of shakers and movers. Thank you Annie, Jen, Ryan and the OSC family.calippee on aesculus - Lechphoto

We need to celebrate the wonderful work of Garber Park Stewards in their Earth Day tasks in Claremont Canyon. Please see their amazing work here.

Finally, there is a small and organized group of citizens working to help protect Presidio Clarkia habitat in Oakland – Jon, Ron and crew – thanks for your help in protecting this federally endangered plant.

May we share many more amazing Earth Day’s together!

(Oh, and Happy birthday Ryan! You are Earth Day at its finest).




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