IMG_3012 - Zigadene smallWe’re very lucky to be involved with the Claremont Canyon Conservancy as they look to better understand how fuels maintenance will impact wildlands near their homes – both from a fuels safety perspective and from a habitat perspective. We took a look at recommendations for two polygons outlined by the East Bay Regional Park District in their Vegetation Management EIR. We believe that with the help of well trained volunteers who can identify key phenological events in nature, fuels management and weed abatement measures will both be more effective and have a greater positive impact on the environment.

Well managed sage scrub in Claremont Canyon.

Well managed sage scrub in Claremont Canyon.

We also took some time to outline some key areas which have demonstrated collaboration and cooperation at its best: namely the management of sagebrush dominated scrub in the Claremont Canyon Preserve. Here both fuels are reduced, while habitat is maintained (including shrubs), while weeds are also reduced to less than 5% total cover (if not less).


Mayten is emerging as a significant weed issue, especially in areas managed for fuels.

This document also highlighted some areas that need more attention and thought. In some cases we believe that the current fuels prescriptions may create more weedy and higher-fuel environments than not maintaining that same area.

Here is a PDF of our report to the Claremont Canyon Conservancy. Please do send comments and ideas as this is a living document.

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