Restoration 3 photoNow that we’ve completed two successful restoration workshops in Garber Park (hosted with Garber Park Stewards and financial support coming from Claremont Canyon Conservancy for the first day), we’ve decided to celebrate a bit. So turn-up your speakers and dive into a little classic Louis Armstrong as he serenades the Restoration 3 project through 2 workdays. This is a timelapse video that compresses some 72 person-hours into 80 seconds. Click below to see the movie through Youtube.The Restoration 3 project is the 3rd planting effort to restore a slope that was once covered in only garden debris, trash, and weeds. With the removal of organics (from outside sources) and weeds that have been brought in with that soil, we created a new foundation for native plants to thrive. We installed some 200 plants that are local to the watershed and are appropriate for this Bay-Oak transition zone. Garber Park is open for the public to enjoy so please do visit. We recommend the Evergreen Lane entrance, so you can easily see the fruits of the community’s restoration work.

Enjoy! Thanks GPS and CCC!

Written by GoldenHour

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