Golden Hour Restoration Institute hosted an enthusiastic group of volunteers who were taught about the basics of rare plant monitoring, while soaking up the sun on saltly soils of the Springtown Alkali Sink. The task was not a simple one, but everyone worked together to survey some 20 acres of habitat and find 4 populations of 2 different Chloropyron species.  Both species are considered extremely rare.Our volunteers also learned about using mapping with a GPS, recording fecundity data, and learning how to spot this somewhat hidden little annual.  We can’t thank our participants enough.  They were truly inspiring and DIDN’T EVEN WANT TO LEAVE WHEN THE WORKSHOP WAS OVER!  Hunting for plants is fun!

It was truly a HUGE success.  Thanks everyone!

We also want to thank Bay Nature for it’s fabulous coverage of our community rare plant survey!


Typical bird’s-beak habitat


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