So it’s that time of year when we’re watching the dull greens return to a bright lively color, while little green plants germinate everywhere.  We at Golden Hour are masterminding a work plan that will meet community demand as well as meet the promulgated goals of the organization.  We especially embrace projects with habitat value and community interest. We don’t take on any and every project, since we would be overwhelmed, but we try our best to at least fulfill projects that meet our internal selection criteria. 

As always, we’re looking for opportunities that morph into creative, fun, engaging, professional stewardship programs – both mini (a couple of hours) and maxi (a couple of days).  Please do review our draft 2012 Golden Hour work plan and let us know if you’d be interested in partnering, sponsoring, or just plain helping out.  Emails can be sent to lech[at]

Thanks for providing your valuable input!


The Board of Directors of Golden Hour

Written by GoldenHour

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