First and foremost we need to thank our wonderful donors, friends, volunteers, students and board for a fantastic year.  Our donors were generous in helping provide funding for 2012 which will include new partnerships and projects with Xerces Society, East Bay Parks, and a few other organizations.  We’re very excited about how many students and volunteers got “hooked” on nature this year.  The personal dispatches from past students and current enthusiasts are always welcome news.  Thank you for reaching out and staying in touch.

We closed out 2011 with a fantastically successful volunteer planting day: Restoration 2 Planting at Garber Park – what we’ve learned – how we plant.  As the Garber Park Stewards continue to work at habitat restoration in Garber Park, Oakland more exciting discoveries and successes sprout.  We found new leaves from plants we thought had perished, we located new native grasses in areas they weren’t observed before, and after one year, we concluded that our restoration treatment was a dramatic improvement from the weedy, “do nothing” control plot.

On December 17th we added some 250 plants to the entrance at Garber Park.  These plants not only provide habitat for local critters, but also, they help maintain soil stability in this park.   Here are a few pictures from our planting day (click on any picture to enlarge).

Thank you all for taking the time to learn to steward nature, to observe it, and most importantly to be an active participant in stewarding it.

Happy new year!

Written by GoldenHour

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