Building and planting in the first set of restoration beds, Garber Park, Feb, 2011 (photo: Mary Millman)

We are excited to create 4 new planting beds in Garber Park, Oakland.  This project has been sponsored by the Garber Park Stewards and is scheduled to be implemented on this Saturday at 9 am – Evergreen Road entrance.  Here is the full announcement.

Crows as seen from Claremont Canyon (An important bird area) Photo by David Wallace

Additionally, we are happy to collaborate with Jon Kauffman, Stewardship Chair of the Claremont Canyon Conservancy on ideas of how to revegetate an area that has been traditionally used as an illegal dump site.  This location on Claremont Avenue regularly gets vandalized by people who are trying to illegally dispose of their waste.  Our concept was to build upon the fence that was erected at the site and create a plant palette around bird habitat.  We have selected plants that serve as nesting habitat, food sources, and general cover for a number of local birds.  We’re excited to see what happens!  Here’s the instructional flyer we created for the project.

Black-headed Grosbeak -by Kay Loughman - please see her entire wildlife site at




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