Golden Hour Executive Director Lech Naumovich has been helping organize the California Native Plant Society’s 2012 Conservation Conference.  The conference will take place in San Diego from January 10th-14th, 2012.   Naumovich is both on the Steering Committee for the conference and he serves as a co-chair for the 1/2 day session entitled: Using Science to Increase the Success of Restoration Efforts in California.  Naumovich is proud to be co-chairing with two distinguished professors, Professor Karen Holl of UC Santa Cruz and Professor Edith Allen of UC Riverside.  This session will be one of many at this 5 day international conference which hopes to meet a broad number of goals including raising awareness about ecosystem diversity, conservation efforts, and restoration efforts around rare plants.  We are happy to announce that one of our board members, in addition to Lech Naumovich, has been invited to give an oral presentation at the conference – Ryan Branciforte (Bay Area Open Space Council).  Read more about this fantastic conference here!

Early registration for this conference ends on November 10th, so please consider registering by November 10th for the most economical rate!

Here’s the session description:

Using Science to Increase the Success of Restoration Efforts in California

Chair(s): Lech Naumovich, Karen Holl, and Edie Allen

This session will focus on the application of the principles of restoration ecology to field-based restoration projects and research. We present a number of cases wherein restoration guided by a strong foundation in science conceives projects that meet their goals. Our session will benefit land managers and practitioners who are planning and implementing restoration projects.


  • Present case studies which demonstrate the effective application of restoration ecology science;
  • Help bridge the gap between restoration science and effective restoration projects;
  • Present state-of-the-science research on applied rare plant and community restoration


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