We are very pleased to announce that Golden Hour Restoration Institute will be collaborating with the Garber Park Stewards on 6 site-specific conservation and restoration based workshops! Funding was provided by the Stewards and we couldn’t be happier to be working alongside this motivated and inspiring bunch. The workshops will cover seed collection, conservation-minded photography, vegetation identification and mapping and others.

Here’s the announcement for the next workshop in the Garber Park Series, courtesy of the Claremont Canyon Conservancy, who helps lead and advertise a series of events in Claremont Canyon.   Please check out their new website which is quite nice.  Here’s the announcement.

August 20 Seed Collection and Passive Restoration Workshop with Golden Hour and Garber Park Stewards, 10:00-1:00

Lech with giant cow parsnip seedsSince the first collection workshop was such a blast, we’re running a second one for late maturing annuals and other perennials, including grasses! Seed collection and identification techniques will be the focus of this workshop including plants of bay-oak woodland and big-leaf maple forest vegetation types. Workshop is appropriate for people of all botanical and restoration inclinations and skill levels.  Workshop will cover basics of seed collection, maturity and viability analysis, seed storage, passive restoration, and include a microscopic look at some collected seeds.

This workshop will highlight the ongoing restoration efforts in Garber Park with an emphasis on “assisted dispersal”, a technique that moves seed from native plants located in one portion of the worksite to another.




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