Collecting arm-fulls of yellow star-thistle

We had a simply fantastic evening workshop at the Chadbourne Serpentine strip on July 12th, 2011.  A total of seven volunteers showed up to spare their time to help maintain critical occupied habitat of Presidio Clarkia (Clarkia franciscana).  The workshop attendees got to hear about Clarkia habitat and ecology as well as see the plant in both flower and fruit.  We opened a mature seed capsule to show what Clarkia seeds look like and how that limits (defines) their dispersal. Additionally, we talked about how fuels management in Oakland can actually help manage and protect this species better than no management at all.  We talked about creating habitat zones and

This slope is prime habitat for Presidio Clarkia

replacing invasive vegetation with natives.  The yellow star thistle (YST) pull was the most rewarding since we were able to clear YST from a large 200 by 50 ft strip of prime serpentine habitat that is occupied by Presidio Clarkia.  The YST was kindly removed by the City of Oakland so that no seeds would be allowed to develop to maturity.

The final stretch - where we met some yellow jackets!

The following flyer was provided to the workshop attendees.




The five volunteers that remained until the end of the successful "pull-party"

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